Do You Know Where Your Leads Come From?

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Do you know where your leads come from?

Tracking lead/prospect sources is important for a number of reasons including determining marketing ROI and deciding where to focus your marketing efforts and budget. Leads are entered in CRM 3 main ways:

  • Imported from a list
  • Entered Manually
  • Created automatically by website forms

Having the proper source tracking is key. The lead record in Microsoft CRM has a built-in “Source” field. This is a dropdown list and allows the user to select a source to indicate where the lead came from (Phone Book, Trade Show, Customer Referral, etc.) Using this field will allow you to use some built-in lead source analysis tools like the lead source analysis report and dashboarding on lead sources.

To assure this is set up properly you need to think about the level of tracking you need. For example if in your lead source drop down you have a value for Internet, is that specific enough? Simply selecting Internet will not tell you specifically where the lead came from (which search engine, was it a blog article that drove the lead, if you are doing pay-per-click was it a paid ad that drove the lead, etc.) Another example is Customer Referral, do you also want to know which customer made the referral? If so you need to build this tracking into the lead forms.

If you are doing Internet marketing (organic or paid search) we highly recommend integrating your web contact forms with Microsoft CRM. When someone visits your site and fills out a contact form the integration will automatically create a new lead in CRM and can set the source field. You can also capture information from the search engines that will tell you which search engine the lead came from, was it a paid ad or natural search. This is incredibly valuable for analyzing the success of online marketing. Without this integration your sales team would need to ask the lead how they learned about your business, a difficult way to uncover accurate source info.

We can help you set up lead source tracking in your CRM system.

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