CRM Plus Spiderview : New Way of Visualizing Entities and Relationships

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Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to view, analyze, and interact with their data, and we have developed several tools to facilitate this request. We recently had a request to pursue a new way of visualizing entities and relationships that allows the user to interact with the data in a different way.  We call it Spiderview and it is a customization we built that leverages graph visualization technology.

Why this visualization is needed?

In the past we have pursued other techniques for allowing users to quickly view data about an entity and its relationships.  We’ve designed customized global searches, hierarchical viewers, etc. but we had no tool that allowed users to physically navigate a relationship and view entities at a particular level.  Enter this tool.  Words can’t really describe the power of this technique, so what follows is a screencast demo of the tool in action.

Screencast Demo

Hopefully you got a good idea from the video of the potential usefulness of this type of customization.  Also please keep in mind that we can set up the viewer to show any entity/relationship and the customization can also include different custom icons for each particular entity and things like scaling between the nodes, line color, depth, etc.

We are excited about how using graph visualizations of this nature can allow our users to see complex relationships and patterns in data (which would otherwise be very cumbersome0 and expose data in a visual and interactive way. This type of data visualization is applicable across several industries and could be leveraged in multiple ways.

Please let us know your thoughts by commenting at and for more information on this customization and other solutions we can provide for your organization please email us at

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