Working Some Magic with Targeted Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Here’s the question you need to ask yourself. Are you sending the right messages to the right people? If you can’t say yes as you “cross your heart and hope to die,” then here are some pointers and some real life examples.

First of all, my lists are labeled. For example, my Supply Chain List is a list of contacts with the words “Supply Chain“ in their title. If I want to send a message about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can handle the needs of supply chain managers, I don’t necessarily want to send that message to CFOs and Controllers. The fact that my list is segregated and labeled is obviously a huge plus.

I also have lists that differentiate between ERP and CRM prospects. One could of course argue that there’s no harm in sending a message about the capabilities of CRM to my ERP list and vice versa. And I don’t dispute that argument.  BUT…I still have the option to send relevant messages to each group separately.

So far, I’ve just given you a couple of examples based on labeling my lists. But one can go deeper than that because all of the fields on the account screen in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are searchable using the Advanced Find tool. So, for example, if I’ve just read a great article about new legislation that will have an impact on medical device manufacturers and distributors, I can create an Advanced that looks for only those companies where the Industry field is Medical Device. Gentle Giant Moving Company would have no interest in that email. And sending emails that are not of interest to your recipients is a great reason for them to “unsubscribe” from your mailing list.

I might be so bold as to assume that you don’t want this to happen!

Here’s another example. I don’t send Dynamics tips and tricks to prospects who are not using Dynamics! That’s because I have Advanced Finds that segregate Dynamics users from prospects who are not yet (but hopefully will soon be) Dynamics users. And I don’t send emails about the benefits of upgrading from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP to our current GP clients. That would be silly or even downright insulting, right? I can prevent that from happening because I have an Advanced Find that looks at the Relationship field on the account screen and a marketing list based on that Advanced Find that automatically adds anyone whose Relationship is listed as Customer. If the Relationship field is Customer, then they get Dynamics Tips and Tricks emails. If the Relationship is Prospect, they get emails about the benefits of moving to GP.

I’m not a marketing genius, but with Microsoft Dynamics CRM I can set this entire system up quite easily. The right messages go out to the right people and I’m a happy marketer.

Take a moment to think about how this approach could help YOUR business reach YOUR clients and prospects with relevant messaging. And if you want more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact Altico Advisors at 508-485-5588, or, or just browse our Web site at

Thank you!

by Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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