Using Customer Effective: FinServ CRM To Do More Without Hiring Additional Staff

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Automated workflows in CRM are the core of an investment advisor’s service model. Throughout the years, workflows embedded in the Customer Effective: FinServ solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform have helped many wealth management firms develop enduring and scalable practices. Whether it is streamlining and automating processes, such as onboarding new clients, opening new accounts, rebalancing allocations, executing ACAT transfers, scheduling and conducting portfolio review meetings, or raising cash for distribution requests, CRM workflows are certainly an enabler of productivity and growth for financial advisors. Overall, the Customer Effective: FinServ CRM system serves as the hub of the advisory practice, and its pre-built wealth management industry-focused custom workflows enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. Advisory sales and service teams experience the following benefits without having to hire additional staff:


CRM workflows definitely maximize productivity and quality being that everyone in the firm is forced to abide by the same processes and procedures. The revenue drivers of the firm, the producers, will be happy because they will have more time freed up to spend on prospecting and getting in front of clients to cultivate deeper relationships. Most of the cumbersome administrative duties that they dread doing will be significantly reduced, and some will even be eliminated. Moreover, on the service side, morale will increase because their lives will be easier. Due to workflow automation, they will feel more organized, more in control, and be more confident because they will know what stage they are at on every one of their critical tasks. Deadlines will get met, client service will improve, and the resulting enhanced client experience will lead to more assets coming in the door.

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