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A complete CRM solution will give your marketers the tools they need to effectively drive their programs. It will automate tasks, ensure consistent follow-up, and enable greater synergy with sales. It will provide powerful workflow capabilities and guided processes that help your marketing organization automate lead distribution, ensure consistent follow-up, simplify approvals, and implement best practices. Perhaps most importantly, it will empower you to target the right prospects so that you can direct more impactful communications and marketing programs that deliver the right offer for the right audience.

It just so happens that all of these qualities can be found in Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with a native Microsoft® Outlook® client, embedded Microsoft Office features, and role-based forms, all of which make Dynamics CRM intuitive and easy for your people to use.

When it comes to managing your marketing in Dynamics CRM, you can rest easy knowing that it has the capabilities to help you manage your campaigns from start to finish with tools that enable you to define and track campaign budgets, tasks, activities, and collateral. However, as a marketer, you know that the best planned and executed campaign means nothing without a quality, targeted marketing list – which Dynamics CRM can help you build and maintain.

This brief video will give you a glimpse at the processes and capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM for building both static and dynamic marketing lists, as well how to create and manage your campaigns. Watch it now and let us know if you have any questions or want to learn more!

By Socius, a Dynamics CRM Partner in Ohio and Kansas


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