Picture Your Success with Dashboards in CRM 2011

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Get a bird’s eye view on your business every time you launch CRM on your desktop. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you have the option to use standard dashboards or customize your dashboards with built-in tools  that establish common goals and business processes  leading to consistent reporting across an organization or within a specific department. Customizable dashboards provide the ability to create graphs and snapshots of data for your sales team’s overall pipeline as well as individual goals in order to highlight opportunities to go after and tasks to complete.  Keep your business on track with this great CRM feature.

Bump up your company’s productivity and tie your dashboards into reporting needs to produce goals and metrics that will highlight both company and individual achievements. Using a centralized dashboard for your management team to review sales figures and what works and what doesn't will showcase a resource’s performance as well as top performer’s above average metrics. Having all of this information available at a glance is a huge time saver.

Consider also creating dashboards focused on client feedback. If you have ever tried to present survey results from an event or for overall client satisfaction to the rest of your team you understand the need for a clear concise picture. Having an easily accessible dashboard with survey results can track a company’s client retention and satisfaction, increase best practices awareness and be used as a prospecting tool or for recruitment.  A picture is worth thousand words so why not let your data tell your story.

byAlan CooperSmith, Senior Application Consultant InterDyn AKA

InterDyn AKA, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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