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Businesses change and grow, and then change some more and grow some more. If your company is no longer the “mom and pop” business that you could keep track of in your daily planner or with spreadsheets, you may be in the market for a robust CRM (customer relationship management) system.

There are various CRMs to choose from; how do you decide? The CRM software blog editors have put together a list of white papers written especially with you in mind.  Rather than spending hours of time tracking down leaders in the CRM implementation field, why not let the experts come to you with these in-depth, informative white papers dealing with various factors in the CRM software selection process.

The top white papers from the experts at ERP Software Blog:

24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers

White Paper: Driving User Adoption for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

White Paper: CRM and Social Networking: Engaging the Social Customer

White Paper: Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint for Enhanced Business Impact Whitepaper

White Paper: Marketing Automation with Dynamics XRM

White Paper: XRM Integrated Software for the Construction Industry.

Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

Offer: Get a Free 30 Day Trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

White Paper: Maximizing Customer Retention: A Blueprint for Successful Contact Centers (by DMG Consulting)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Vision Statement of Direction

White Paper: Improving Sales Productivity: An Opportunity for Sales and IT Leadership (by CustomerThink)

Next-Generation CRM: Driving Productivity with End-to-End Cloud Services

Optimizing Business Productivity: Do More for Your Customers and Your Business

White Paper: Maximize the Value of your Custom Business Applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Whitepaper

White Paper: Bringing Enterprise CRM to the Small Screen

White Paper: Sales & Marketing The New Power Couple

White Paper: Boost Revenue and Thrive Leveraging CRM in Hard Times

White Paper: Real World Marketing: Enabling Marketing Throughout The Organization

White Paper: Customer Relationship Management: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy

White Paper: The Future Sales Force A Consultative Approach

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