Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Customer Service Module for Manufacturing

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Microsoft CRM delivers a robust out-of-the-box Customer Service solution which includes standard features like case management, field service scheduling, and a knowledge management module. For many companies, this built-in solution offers more customer service capabilities then they’ll ever need, but oftentimes manufacturing enterprises require a more extensive customer service solution.

We’ve worked with a large number of clients within the manufacturing industry and we have developed a Microsoft CRM Customer Service Module for Manufacturing that meets their industry-specific requirements.  In our solution, the process starts with a case being created through a customer or employee inquiry.  Once the problem is identified, a customer service representative determines the best course of action, which can include the initiation of a return merchandise authorization, creating a customer complaint, or sending a field technician to service equipment.

Once the case is identified and a possible resolution is determined, the next step is to check the install base record to understand what products the customers own, often by serial number, and determine if the product in question is under warranty.  It sounds simple, but warranty management can become complicated very quickly as customers continually replace products, upgrade, and let certain product warranties lapse.  While we offer a contained warranty management solution, many of our customers find value in integrating their CRM system with backend order management and ERP systems. This end-to-end integration completes the warranty management process and provides the customer service department with accurate visibility into the serviceable install base.

Additional features of the Customer Service Manufacturing solution from Armanino include: checking for field replacement parts, scheduling for field service technicians, and coordinating the equipment necessary to complete field repairs.  In the case of RMA’s being sent to a depot for repair, managing repair inventory and shipping and receiving can most often be supported by the ERP system, but tight process integration with CRM is required to ensure customers have visibility to RMA status, replacements, and product shipping requirements.

With these components configured in Dynamics CRM, manufacturing companies can quickly and easily support the 360 degree view needed to initiate parts repair and replacement while ensuring warranties are tracked, leveraged, and renewed on time.  This maximizes customer satisfaction and increases revenue through management of warranty income.

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By Scott Mangelson, CRM Practice Leader at Armanino Consulting – the West Coast’s largest Gold Certified, Microsoft CRM Partner in Portland, Seattle, and throughout California.

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