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As we all know, internet searches are growing by leaps and bounds. There are 3 billion searches conducted per day, and the number has steadily doubled every 2 years. Simply put, people are searching!  While the majority of searches are not business related, many are. In fact, 78% of all products purchased today were researched online beforehand, and nearly half the people performing those searches filled out an online contact form at some point.


When customers contact you online, you get one chance to make a first impression. Think for a moment about the things you say about your company. Many businesses refer to themselves as

-              Responsive

-              Strong focus on clients

-              Knowledgeable staff


In much the same way that no business would ever have a sales telephone line that goes unanswered, no business should have  leads that come into their website that are not quickly followed up on. When a prospective client fills out a contact form, make sure you have the systems in place that allow you to give the right impression by allowing your sales staff to follow up promptly and efficiently, and with the right knowledge in hand.


Microsoft CRM can help. Right out of the box, Microsoft CRM’s workflow and automated processes allow you to quickly route leads to sales staff. The flexible architecture of CRM also allows you to use trusted 3rd party solutions to build integration points between your site and Microsoft. You also have the option of building customization with the Solution Developer Kit, which means that all custom code will continue to work in future version of Microsoft CRM.


Whatever path you choose, Intellitec Solutions can help you understand your needs and set up a workflow and process that works best for you. Contact us today at 866-504-4357 to find out how Microsoft CRM can help your business.


By Intellitec Solutions

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