Will there be a MS Dynamics CRM Windows 8 version?

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Buried in the Release Preview Guide for the December Update, there's a table showing all the operating systems that the online version of Dynamics CRM will be compatible with. There's a row devoted to Windows 8, along with all the browsers Dynamics CRM will run on: IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

So all of you who are excited to be moving to the new operating system Windows 8, don’t be afraid to switch/ upgrade to the browser-based MS Dynamics CRM.

Good enough but what about a true Windows 8 version of Dynamics CRM? That's coming in 2013. In this press release, Microsoft announced a mid-2103 timeframe for their new mobility solution that will allow for “managing sales processes by providing customers with seamless and intuitive access to key information”.  It's essentially a Dynamics CRM for tablets and devices running Windows 8.

Give your marketing and sales teams the power to they need to help grow your business. They will be enabled to easily use the MS CRM software to help your customers and bring in new leads.

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by MIG & Co., New York Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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