White Paper: Driving User Adoption for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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The Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG) has published a new white paper entitled: "Driving User Adoption for Dynamics CRM", which is designed to help organizations use the best practices for promoting full employee participation in using new implementations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The white paper provides tips and examples from real organizations that have successfully encouraged their teams to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  

Business data is only as good as the people who use the software. If there are people within an organization who are not fully committed to using the software, the company as a whole may suffer.  To be a stable company that actually benefits from using its new CRM software, it needs full user participation.

The white paper lists five benefits of getting everyone involved in your CRM implementation: 

  1. higher quality data and results
  2. detailed customer and case reports
  3. mobility
  4. improved communication and collaboration
  5. personalized customer service

The people at your company may even realize these benefits but still may be reluctant to join in the fun. People are often resistant to change. They like the way things are currently done and probably have their own unique ways of accomplishing their goals, even if they are inefficient and unproductive methods. Moreover, it is difficult for people to adopt a new, unfamiliar system when the current system works "just fine".

One of the goals of a long-term CRM implementation strategy must be to prepare and train the users well enough to take on the new challenge without major apprehension. Many times this implementation fails because of poor management planning, lack of sufficient training, lack of support from executives, and too many changes happening too quickly.

A solid CRM implementation starts at the top with executives who fully support it and demonstrate its benefits through their own adoption. The management should be well-trained and in turn, able to train the staff, and the implementation process should be a phased approach, rather than a complete sudden overhaul. For more tips and more detailed examples, you can download the free white paper Driving User Adoption for Dynamics CRM,  at www.CRMSoftwareBlog.com under Free Resources.

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