Which Purchase Has Better ROI – CRM Software or Business Intelligence Software?

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Most business software is expensive, and companies often invest a tremendous amount of capital expenditure. The goal, of course, is to use that software to make the company stronger. This is the return on investment (ROI) that companies expect when they purchase business management software and according to research, it pays off for many.

According to Nucleus Research, CRM software rakes in a whopping $5.60 for every dollar invested. In terms of ROI, that is a return well worth the investment. Still, it pales in comparison to software that provides business analytics, which scores an amazing $10.66 per dollar spent.

The good news for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers is that they can take advantage of Microsoft's business intelligence (BI) tools for free. There are also plenty of add-ons for those who need more advanced analytics. Dynamics CRM already includes a flexible dashboard with inline data visualization, sales reports for detailed analyses, data cubes, predictive analytics, and a comprehensive report wizard.

With business intelligence software, companies often experience "unexpected improvements in profitability", and it gives companies a decisive advantage over their competition. When you spend less time worrying about making a report and more time analyzing the report that your CRM software effortlessly created for you, work actually gets done and progress ensues.

Productivity goes up when business processes are streamlined, and it can go through the roof when companies are able to discover what works and build upon that knowledge. This is what business intelligence provides. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ahead of the pack with its BI offerings, and companies that use it and implement it correctly have a golden opportunity to see positive ROI.

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By ERT Group, Florida Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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  1. Microsoft Dynamics has a pretty good feature set, but the interface leaves a whole lot to be desired. I wouldn't think of trying to use the system until their new Windows 8 version comes out. That might be a good interface, but I'm still worried it will be wasted and be just a face on top of the same old, same old.

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