Using Microsoft’s Customer Source for Your Dynamics Solution

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If you are looking to find training materials, knowledge articles, software upgrades or any other self-support features for your Dynamics solution, then Microsoft’s Customer Source is a great resource that’ll definitely come in handy. Here’s a look at some of its key features:

  • Training and E-Learning Materials: Offers plenty of learning materials on a huge range of topics – whether you are looking for training manuals on how to install NAV 2009 or how to integrate MS CRM 2011 with SharePoint Server 2010 - this is a good place to go digging around.
  • Communities: Allows you to connect and collaborate with other Dynamics users by proving links to the MS Dynamics Community including forums and independent user groups.
  • Documentation: Provides access to installation guides, user guides, white papers and other such documents. Also lets you download, install and get started on Sure Step (another Microsoft resource that is a repository of knowledge covering the best practices on implementation methodology for Dynamics products).
  • Downloads and Updates: Offers access to all the latest service packs, product releases, tax updates and hot fixes.
  • News and Events: Helps you stay updated on what’s happening in the Dynamics world and the industry in general.

The website is easy to navigate and use. However, if you are looking for something specific and want to cut down on the browsing time, then there are two search options- Basic and Advanced -  that can help you get started.

Using the Basic Search, just CRM Guide 2011 in the text box and hit “Go”, as shown below:

The Advanced Search option allows you to refine your search by applying filters and sorting criteria. In the “Search Type” you can decide whether you want the search engine to look up all the terms or any of the terms or the exact phrase as entered in the text box. Similarly you can choose how many results you want to be displayed on the page (“Results Per Page”) – 10, 15, 30 or 50. You can also choose the country from which you want the results to show up or if there are any items in a specific language that should come up.


To have your Customer Source account set up, you need to be on a qualified, active service plan. Once the account has been set up, all you need is a Windows Live ID to sign in. Here’s a link to a video demo that explain how to get going including signing up for the Windows Live ID and associating it with your Customer Source account.

Hope the information provided in this post helps!

If you would like more information on Microsoft Customer Source, please feel free to reach out to me at

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