Polaris Update for CRM Promises to Attract More Users, Provide Better User Experience

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The next update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM promises to expand the reach of CRM and provide a better experience for users.  The Polaris Update (formerly known as “R8”) is scheduled to be released in December and will first be available for CRM Online users.

The update will provide several improvements and new features, but two stand out to us:

  1. Browser Compatibility: CRM, both on-premise and online deployment, has only been accessible using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  Not only did this inconvenience those Windows users who preferred to use other browsers, but it effectively excluded Mac users (although there are work-arounds for this issue, most notably Mac users running an application like Parallels to run both an OS and Windows environment on the same machine).  Macs only account for approximately 6% of business computers in the US, but that percentage is growing every year.  With CRM now going “browser-agnostic”, it will open up the system to a whole new segment of users.

2.    Flat User Interface: One of the most frequent complaints from users of CRM was the number of pop-up windows thesystem               created.  Each time a user opens a record from a view (or form), the record appears in a new IE pop-up window.  It’s not uncommon for a user to have five or six or more windows open at one time.  Polaris will change all of that.  Contents on the page will now change dynamically.  As a user navigates from one record to another, information on the page will “flow” or slide to the appropriate record.  This dynamic approach is becoming more and more common on the web.  Many social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have this dynamic feel.

We believe these enhancements will bring more companies and users into the CRM fold and also provide a better user experience for current users.  Other enhancements such as embedded Skype support, Bing Maps integration and configurable Sales & Service processes will further establish Dynamics CRM as an indispensable system for any business, large and small.

For more information on the update, visit Microsoft’s official Polaris page and this blog post from the official Dynamics CRM blog.


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