New Integration Option for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SYSPRO

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SYSPRO, an ERP software vendor, announced that they have become a reselling partner of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and that they have an integration path to create a total business solution with their solution and Dynamics CRM.

Now, SYSPRO already has CRM functionality that they have created themselves.  However, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities are significantly more robust.  In addition, Dynamics CRM is much more flexible and accessible in that it is available both in Web and Outlook clients, can be deployed either on-premise or online, and is accessible anywhere, anytime, on almost any device with CRM Mobile.

An integrated ERP and CRM solution, like that which can be created with SYSPRO and Dynamics CRM, can give you widespread data access across your organization, views of multiple facets of your contact data at one time, the ability to reduce errors by eliminating duplicate data entry, and the ability to eliminate departmental data silos.

If you are looking for an integrated ERP and CRM solution, a great way to ensure that you are looking at the whole picture the whole time is to work with a partner that supports both your ERP and CRM solutions.  This will save you time and money in the long-run while ensuring that your integration is seamless.  Socius represents ERP and CRM solutions from Microsoft Dynamics, SYSPRO and Sage software companies.  Therefore, we can help you integrate many of the market leading business management solutions to give your organization the tools to stay competitive and keep your business connected.

To learn more about the benefits of integrating your CRM solution, download our white paper: Integrating Your ERP and CRM: Worth the Trouble?

 Contact Socius today to learn more about integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SYSPRO or any other ERP solution.

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Ohio and Kansas


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