Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s ABCs: Activities Build Cash

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One of our clients coined the phrase “CRM’s ABCs: Activities Build Cash”. We decided to make this a rally call of our own since we really liked the way that sounded and felt the emphasis on cash would resonate with presidents and those in charge of sales and marketing. Because that is what CRM is all about, right, making it easier to generate more cash?

 “One of the main benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is clearly the ability for an organization to better manage its activities with organizations and individuals with whom they have business relationships,” explains Kevin Alexander, Solutions Architect. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a platform that can be tailored to meet an organization’s needs in managing those relationships. The creation and management of CRM Activities are at the heart of CRM processes and provide consistent and repeatable results for the organization. “

 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activities can be best used to drive user productivity and are most effective as business process milestones.  There are six common CRM Activity types: email, phone call, fax, task, letter, and appointment. Plus you can create custom activities such as a sales call. All of these common and any custom created CRM Activity types can be driven through Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s workflows. However, you don’t want to have the system automatically create every single activity involved in a complicated business process because the users will become inundated and start ignoring their activities and the CRM system will fail.

 “The challenge in designing Microsoft Dynamics CRM business processes and CRM Activities is not to create a lot of unnecessary actions or activities for the users,” cautions Alexander. “CRM should augment the users daily activities not become an activity itself.”

 Activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help CRM users better multi-task, standardize processes, systemize a company’s tribal knowledge, and create repeatable business models. Activities will also provide better lead qualification, improve sales pipeline accuracy, and increase opportunities close ratios. This, of course, means that Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Activities build cash.

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by The TM Group, Michigan Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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