Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Update for December 2012 to be Dramatic Shift

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Microsoft recently announced that the next update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online would go live in December 2012. The update follows up news of solid growth, as Dynamics closed its 33rd quarter in a row that saw a double-digit expansion in revenue.

The stated goal of the new update is in line with the new versions of Dynamics for on-premises solutions, which is to re-imagine the way that professionals in marketing, customer service, and sales use CRM software. The new version implements a more visual strategy, presenting data in an easy to understand format that can be more easily used by a larger percentage of the workforce.

To help businesses make the most of Dynamics, the update will also come with best-practice definitions for sales and service processes. It also brings in additional cohesion with Skype and Yammer, as part of a broad strategy to bring insights from social media into office software. The new update will be compatible with Office 2013, multiple browsers, and will allow embedded maps from Bing.

New role-specific experiences will help guide professionals through predefined steps. These experiences can be customized, and will make it clearer to each user how they should be using the software to achieve the best results. Vice President Bob Stutz said the new release is only the first in a series of innovations set to arrive in the near future. As the social business space grows, Microsoft is expected to leverage its Yammer acquisition in new and potentially revolutionary ways.

Stutz said, “We've reimagined the business process and infused new communication and collaboration capabilities powered by Skype and Yammer.” With Yammer, users can collaborate with customers, colleagues, and stakeholders using information sharing mechanisms inspired by social media. Skype meanwhile, can be used for direct interaction with audio, video, and text.

The update has also added support for Firefox and Chrome, making it useful on a wider variety of platforms.

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