Microsoft and Yammer Announce Deeper CRM Integration at YamJam '12

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At the first ever YamJam conference today, Yammer executives announced a major upgrade for the integration between Yammer and Microsoft CRM.  David Sacks, Yammer founder and Microsoft Corporate VP, noted the development was part of Yammer’s Enterprise Graph, which provides a standard set of social components that aims to solve the problem of social network sprawl.

How will this be different than the current Yammer-CRM integration?  The previous integration would create Yammer posts when certain records were changed in CRM.  It allowed for using the universal search inside of Yammer for CRM records.  The search results appeared in a Dynamics section of the Yammer page and then users could open the CRM record directly from the Yammer results. The previous product seemed like a nice way to create a Yammer alert for CRM record change, but not much more.

The new integration allows CRM users to see Yammer feeds inside of CRM records.  Follow and Like buttons are also embeddable in CRM records and once a record is changed in a predetermined way, a page is created in Yammer for further collaboration and discussion.  The new integration allows true multi-point collaboration.  Yammer execs point out that even when only one or two business areas use CRM, the entire enterprise can still collaborate because they are hooked in with Yammer.

“This new integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is just the first example of how you will see enhanced social experiences across Microsoft products and services,” said David Sacks, Yammer founder and corporate vice president, Microsoft Office Division. “Our platform seamlessly connects the relevant people, conversations and data across an entire organization, making Yammer the enterprise social standard and a way for companies to build a truly connected enterprise.”

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In addition to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, Yammer also announced an updated App Directory.  It works like an app store and developers and users can connect to third-party business applications from within the Yammer client.  The apps are all part of Yammer’s Enterprise Graph, which is like Facebook’s social graph that aims to connect online social, gaming, and music.  "This release standardizes enterprise social into a simple set of tools that the entire industry can use," said Sacks. "It will not only save developers a lot of time reinventing the wheel but also create a uniform social experience for all employees across their business applications." There is a nice video demo of the Enterprise Graph below (this example features Microsoft SharePoint integration, but the concepts are very similar).

All Your Business Apps. One Social Experience. from Yammer on Vimeo.

by Customer Effective, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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