How to Build a Business Case for CRM

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You’ve figured out that some of the issues your organization is facing could be solved by a CRM solution and you know that CRM delivers a high ROI.  You may even have a CRM solution picked out already.  Now you need to help your business leaders to see your vision for what the software can do for your organization and be willing to spend the money to get your system up and running.

So, the time has come to develop a business case for your CRM solution.  Nucleus Research has some tools to help you build that business case.  They’ve created an infographic that features some tips as well as some cautions for you, including:

  • Use 3 years as your standard for measuring the benefits you get from the system
  • Keep the initial costs and the ongoing costs separate in your calculations
  • When predicting Return-on-Investment (ROI), don’t automatically go with the highest ROI or automatically discount the lowest, go with the most believable ROI
  • Know that 1-2 benefits will help you make your decision and 2-3 benefits will support your decision – you don’t want to be weighing more than 5 benefits
  • Your direct benefits (reduced costs, improved profits, etc.) will most likely make up less than 50% of your total project benefits while indirect benefits (productivity gains, anticipated future profits, etc.) will exceed 50%
  • If you are facing skeptics, calculate a “worst case scenario” so that they can see that the downside is not too bad

While these are great tips, they don’t exactly spell out how to put your business case together.  To help you do that, Nucleus has created an interactive tool to help you calculate your costs and benefits.  Download the Financial Business Case Tool and get started today!

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, it’s incredibly easy to calculate your costs.  Each CRM Online user is only $44 per user per month (only $9.99 per user per month if you are a Not-for-Profit organization).  You can also calculate the costs associated with your implementation and training by selecting the Socius Rapid Implementation Package that fits your organizational needs.  Contact Socius today to take advantage of one of these packages or for on-premise pricing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By Socius, a CRM Partner in Ohio and Kansas

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