Hot off the press! Microsoft Dynamics CRM Statement of Direction

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By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors

When I say “hot off the press” I mean piping hot, as in the ink hasn’t even dried. It just came out today. And I like it. Here’s why:

  1. Microsoft position papers are often way too long and wordy. In this case, they managed to keep it to “just” 7 pages and that includes the Front page image and the last page disclaimer, so only 5 pages of actual text. I must remember to congratulate them (whoever “them” might be).
  2. The document clearly states both the general and specific goals for Dynamics CRM over the next 36 months. I did the math. That’s 3 years. There’s a sense of security in the product given a 3-year plan for development.
  3. The paper is laid out in clear categories: VISION, INVESTMENT AREAS, APPLICATIONS (Sales, Marketing, Service), and several sections on what Microsoft calls EXPERIENCE. This includes areas such as the USER experience, and by extension, how users will experience the DEVICE, the BROWSER, and SOCIAL COLLABORATION.
  4. And for those who want a bit more of a technological approach, there’s a section on PLATFORM.

There’s something for everyone. And it rounds out with this: “Going forward we are convicted to invest deeply in or strategy to deliver the most powerful and impactful CRM in the marketplace.”

OK, the use of the word “convicted” in that sentence did give me pause. I would assume Microsoft is trying to make a verb out of conviction in the sense of commitment. Merriam-Webster does not seem to agree with that usage, but I think we get the gist.

So here’s the link if you want to read all 5 pages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Statement of Direction November 2012.

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By Altico Advisors,, your Microsoft CRM Massachusetts partner

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