Customer Effective's User Adoption Solution uncovers CRM User Behaviors

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You’ve invested time and valuable resources in developing the best CRM tool for your users. Ever wonder if your CRM is being used as intended or even being used at all? Understanding the usage by your CRM user community can be the key to growing and sustaining your CRM solution. Customer Effective has developed a managed solution (User Adoption) to help clients gain valuable insight into the usage levels of their CRM users. The solution tracks, summarizes and displays User’s CRM activities through native CRM management reports, views and dashboards. The User Adoption solution has been configured to support both on-premise and online clients.

Analyze and develop metrics to manage detailed user activities and tasks. With the User Adoption solution, you are able to view:

· Common activities performed: emailing, appointments

· Usage by types of entities

· Frequent tasks: create, update or view

· User details by role, CRM access and activities

User Adoption dashboards and reports are a helpful way paint the CRM usage picture for your senior management. For those seeking more robust analytics, Powerpivot and Powerview reports have also been made available.

Sample Dashboard



Sample Reports


Gaining insight into user activities means you are able identify CRM opportunities for: improving efficiencies (workflows), resolving training concerns, and uncover area of improvement

The User Adoption solution can be installed and configured easily. Simply import the managed solution; then select which entities you want to track. Even after 30 days of tracking, you will be amazed at what you can learn about your users.


Want to learn more about our solutions for User Adoption? Attending the CRMUG Summit in Seattle next week? Stop by our booth, #425 to learn more! Be sure to also check out our Partner Showcase on Tips & Tricks for Deploying a User-Friendly and High Performance CRM presented by one of our CRM MVPs, Scott Sewell.

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