Achieving Process Improvement and Strategic Advantage with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Last month, I had the opportunity to visit with many customers and partners of Customer Effective at our annual Customer Conference. It was great to catch up with clients and hear how CRM has helped them drastically improve revenue, efficiency, and client satisfaction. These customers understand and embrace the strategic value of CRM technology, specifically Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They recognize that it is a business imperative to have Microsoft Dynamics CRM in place in order for them to successfully execute their customer-centric cultural transformation and strategic initiatives. Unlike many of their competitors, these organizations do not believe they can fully achieve their CRM objectives merely by investing in and implementing a CRM technology solution in which they attempt to replicate inefficient business processes. Instead, these firms, with the help of Customer Effective, have relentlessly focused on actually redesigning and automating common customer-facing processes, including marketing campaign execution, prospecting outreach programs, lead conversion, account management, and service inquiry tracking, based on the unique needs of their client base, industry customer experience trends, and corporate growth and productivity goals. As a result of Customer Effective’s partnership and consultative expertise in the examination, re-engineering, and ongoing evaluation of many key front office processes and management performance metrics, these large enterprise customers have attained executive sponsorship and now have a blueprint in place not just for their CRM deployment, but also their CRM journey. Effectively, at the heart of the roadmap is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which truly has become the enabler and driver of their overall corporate performance.

Prior to investing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and engaging with Customer Effective, though, many of our clients did share some similar struggles. Prevalent previous pains expressed at our Conference on the business side include not having a single version of the truth on clients and prospects, lacking standardized sales and marketing processes, spending too much time on administrative tasks (particularly sales team members), and not providing a CRM system that comes close to supporting the way in which the sale force actually functions. Additionally, IT department attendees at our Conference also revealed they faced many challenges prior to CRM. They stated that their data was held in silos across multiple systems that were not synchronizing, they were taking on too much risk and cost in supporting outdated, inflexible platforms, and they were unable to respond quick enough to user change requests. Nevertheless, the robust functionality, scalability, and extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has allowed these business and IT stakeholders to meet these challenges head on and increase productivity while reducing risk, development time, and TCO. Specifically, CRM users are now experiencing more simplified navigation, enhanced reporting and analytics, greater consistency in sales processes, and cleaner data with less de-duplication.

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by Customer Effective, Georgia, Florida Microsoft CRM Partner

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