3 Insider Tips to Drive Better Marketing Results with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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 You have all heard the buzz by now and may own or are thinking about investing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to drive sales for your organization.  I’ll share 3 Great Tips to help your organization succeed in the future with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Tip #1. You should buy the book “Precision Marketing” by co-authors Sandra Zoratti and Lee Gallagher to learn about precision marketing.  This book gives marketing professionals an easy six step framework to better capture and mine your customer and prospect data.  You can use these data insights to deliver the right message, to the key person at the best time via the right media.  This leads to better engagement with your customers and prospects.

Tip #2.  Use Google Analytics on your web site.  Do you review your site traffic routinely for better insights on how your customers and prospects are finding you? Have you spotted any interesting or alarming trends yet?  I recommend spending time each week or month reviewing your stats to see which pages on your site are most relevant to your audience.  You may be surprised to find you need to refresh, revise or eliminate some pages on your site because they aren’t resonating with your customers or prospects.  Over time this process will help you write better content to engage with your customers and prospects longer.

Tip #3. Look to Click Dimensions to automate marketing campaigns into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  This email marketing and marketing automation solution is designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Click Dimensions allows you to send emails, track web visitors, score prospects, conduct nurture marketing, and store web forms and surveys directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This will increase your odds of engaging with your customers and prospects in a more meaningful way because you’ll know more about what’s relevant to them.


These are three quick tips to help you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to get a Higher ROI on your Marketing Dollars.  To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please contact Turnkey Technologies or give us a call at 636-237-2280.

By Michael Ramatowski at Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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  1. Michael: Thanks for listing us with such prestigious company! Since you mention ClickDimensions in terms of driving ROI, I'd also like to invite your readers to download our free e-book on measuring Marketing ROI with Dynamics CRM. It's available at the following link along with some other great content geared towards marketing pros who use Dynamics CRM: http://www.clickdimensions.com/content/

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