Why CRM Is on the Minds of Most Distributors

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This year is almost over, time to reflect on the goals that were established for 2012 and evaluate progress as well as look toward 2013. This year we had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of business leaders at distributors nationwide to discuss their goals and roadmaps to success and thought we would share what we heard.

Improving sales effectiveness was an understandably hot topic. This is a deep topic and can be looked at from many angles but we heard some common themes such as centralizing data. We all have information overload today and having this info spread across multiple systems makes it very hard to effectively perform marketing, customer segmentation, accurate reporting etc. ERP, spreadsheets, email, mobile devices all have customer data. Centralizing this information or at least creating centralized views to this data opens up a lot of possibilities.

Improving pipeline management and forecasting & improving marketing initiatives was also common. Without a centralized sales activity management system sales reps are largely left on their own to decide how they operate. What opportunities get the most attention? How often do I visit my best customers? Consistency can be achieved by utilizing tools in CRM like workflow, goal management and guided processes. For example by bringing your transactional sales data into CRM you can rank your customers then place them on a call schedule so the system reminds the sales team when it is time to contact a customer.

CRM technology is now within the reach of most businesses and has become a top-of-mind item for most who have not adopted it. We offer a tailored version of Microsoft CRM for distributors. This powerful tool is built right into Microsoft Outlook and offers full integration with mobile devices. This solution is available in the cloud as a hosted application or as an on-premise installation. For more information or a demonstration please contact us anytime – www.beringer.net.

by Beringer Associates

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