Two Great Ways to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM – 1) Membership Management and 2) Asset Tracking

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If you’ve read our recent white paper on 24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers, you already know some of the unique capabilities of Microsoft CRM. Here are two more that have been developed by Altico Advisors to serve specific industries and companies.

#1 – Altico’s Membership Management Solution

If you’re a membership-based company, you know that managing your members involves much more than simply maintaining a list. You need to track subscriptions and subscription renewals. You need to know which members have registered for and attended events. You need to put lapsed members back online when they’ve paid their dues. Members also interact with other constituencies, such as vendors. It can be quite complex.

Altico Advisors has developed added features and functionality specifically for membership organizations that ties it all together and integrates with your back-end accounting system to automate the invoicing process, trigger alerts, and give everyone in your organizations a 360-degree view of your members’ status and activities.

You can read the membership management case study about just one type of membership organization that is using the Altico Membership Management Solution. It can work for you, too!

#2 – Altico Service +

Service + is a CRM accelerator for any company that needs to track assets by lot and serial number or by contract. So if you’re a manufacturer and you need to know where each and every part came from, what machines or devices the parts were installed in, where they were shipped and where they now reside, Altico Service + tracks it all! Product recalls! We handle that. Regulatory compliance! We handle that, too.

But let’s say you’re a software development company and your clients contract for the use of your software. You need to track those contracts and service agreements. Invoicing and payments. Lapsed contracts and renewed contracts. Altico Service + handles all that and more.

* * *

The Altico CRM team saw the need for specialization in niche areas and we responded by customizing CRM to meet those needs.
Contact us for more information. 508-485-5588.

By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors,, your Microsoft CRM Massachusetts partner

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