Remember Two Important Truths When Searching for CRM Software

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A purchase of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a very valuable investment in the success of your company; which is all the more reason you take things slowly and deliberately. While researching CRM software, you need to take into consideration two important truths: 1. Know your business and 2. Know your expectations.

Purchasing CRM software is slightly different than other IT investments because it will affect every department within your organization, at least it should. CRM is a way to connect your office so you can better serve your customers. Because of this extended internal reach, it’s extremely important you conduct some internal reflection:

  1. Define your current sales process: Don’t be surprised if you don’t actually have one. Many companies struggle with defining what they do when leads come in. The sales process is an area that CRM will help you grow, but if you do have a process in place, you should document it so that CRM doesn’t throw everything off kilter once implemented.
  2. Know exact reporting expectations: Having internal insight is a huge benefit of CRM software, but not even knowing how to properly utilize this to your company’s benefit is a shame. Building custom reports and a detailed dashboard in CRM software such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is easy to do, but you have to first make sure the right information gets to the right people. Do your research, and make good notes to ensure this important functionality doesn’t get missed.

Software evaluation and implementation are a great time to look internally to see what is currently there and what could possibly be changed to better the company’s future success. It’s an important time to understand your company and know what you need to succeed, so take your time, evaluate, ask questions, and most importantly, choose a software provider you can trust to take you through the steps.  Contact Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner (, for more information about Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and how this solution can help.

By Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner out of Toronto

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