Overcome Personal Dashboard Errors in CRM 2011

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One of the big new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the use of Dashboards and Charts that are available at a glance instead of having to run a report.  One of our clients has a lot of people out in the field and they wanted to be able to view a report in a Dashboard instead of having to run the report.

If you are using CRM Online and you create this as a Personal Dashboard, you will see the error “This content cannot be displayed in a frame.”  If you are using CRM On Premise with an IFD environment, you will be prompted for your IFD credentials again; however, even after entering them, you are still unable to view the report in the Dashboard.

The reason you are unable to view the report in a Personal Dashboard is because the option to Restrict cross-frame scripting is checked, and you are unable to un-check it.  In order to be able to un-check this option, you must create this as a System Dashboard with these steps.  When you remove this check mark, all CRM users (regardless of their domain) will be able to access the IFrame, which is most likely located in another domain.

  1. Go to Workplace > Reports and find the report you want to appear in the Dashboard.
  2. Highlight this report and click Run Report in the ribbon.
  3. Once the report has ran, hit Control + N on your keyboard.  This will open the Report in a new window.
  4. In the new window, highlight the entire URL and hit Control + C to copy this.
  5. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System.
  6. Click on Dashboards and click New.
  7. Choose the appropriate dashboard layout.  The steps I will use involve removing the rest of the dashboard so only the report is visible.
  8. Click on each of the items in the Dashboard and click Remove in the ribbon.
  9. Click Iframe.
    1. Type a name for the Iframe with no spaces.  This is a unique name to be saved in the database and not anything that the end users will see.
    2. Paste the URL that you previously copied into the URL box.
    3. The Label defaults to what is in the Name area; change here if you wish.  This is the label that the end users will see, so also check the box next to Display label on the Dashboard.
    4. Un-check the box next to Restrict cross-frame scripting.
    5. Click OK.
    6. With the IFrame highlighted in the box, click Increase Width so it takes up the entire width of the Dashboard.
      1. Optionally, you can click Increase Height as much as you would like to show more of the report in the dashboard.
      2. Type a name for the Dashboard and click Save and Close.
      3. Click Publish All Customizations.


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By Andrea Lange, CRM Applications Consultant at DFC Consultants, North Dakota CRM Partner

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