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Microsoft recently introduced a new blog that is specifically charged with the task of keeping customers informed about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Blog provides a central hub for customers to stay informed about the status of Dynamics CRM Online service. We think the best part is that the contributors to the blog are involved in the day to day operations and maintenance of the worldwide service of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. So you get news straight from the source.

While customers who purchased CRM Online by way of Microsoft Office 365 are able to find information about service health through Microsoft Office 365 Service Health Dashboard, other customers do not currently have that feature. Therefore, this new blog will essentially serve the same purpose for the time being.

What the Service Blog Is

The service blog is a place where you can find out the overall health of CRM Online services. It is a place where you will receive the latest information regarding updates, service outages, service degradation, and scheduled enhancements. You will also be able to track the service level to ensure Microsoft is delivering you the promised 99.9% uptime each month, and you will be credited if it does not.

What the Service Blog Is Not

The service blog is not a true replacement for the Service Health Dashboard found in Microsoft Office 365. Instead, it is a temporary method of accessing essentially the same information. In the future, Microsoft may provide another more convenient method. The service blog is also not the proper place to get help from the Service Engineering team. If you need technical support, posting a response on the blog may not get you the answers you need in a timely manner. You may, however, be able to find already posted answers to your questions that preclude the need to contact support for further details.

Check out the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Blog now. You can find recent posts, search, and also subscribe to the RSS feed on the site.

By PDG Consulting, A New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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