Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Privacy Policies

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We live in a "connected" world. Children are now born into a society with constant connectivity from mobile phones, computers, and social networks. Many websites try to gather as much information about you as they can before you leave. They want to connect to your social media accounts and encourage you to share everything you read, watch, and download.

Because of this ubiquitous connectivity, privacy is the primary concern of most web users. Therefore, the number one Trust Principle for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is "Your Privacy Matters". What does this mean? Microsoft has outlined the details of this privacy principle on the Dynamics website.

No Advertising - Those websites mentioned above want to gather data about you for target advertising. The more they know about you, the easier it is to sell products they think you might like. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will never do this. None of your data will be harvested for Microsoft's financial gain by way of advertising. You already pay for Dynamics CRM Online, and that is enough.

No Mingling - Just as your organization's privacy is vital, so too is the privacy of your customers. Each customer is unique and will exist in your database on a virtual island fortress. Microsoft maintains database security and integrity so that your customer data remains safe.

Data Portability - In the cloud, there has often been concern about who actually owns the data. Microsoft puts all of those concerns to rest. Your customer data is always the property of your customers. You may add it or remove it whenever and however you want.

Microsoft has put together a Privacy in the Public Cloud: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online White Paper with full details about its principles of privacy.

By ERT Group, Florida Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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