Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions: CRM Intelligence and Marketing Automation under One Roof

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Marketers utilize a multitude of comprehensive and intelligent tools and software applications intended to enhance marketing automation processes, gather market intelligence, increase lead generation, and in general optimize, monitor, and measure marketing ROI.

The rise of the Internet has brought along new channels through which to communicate and interact with consumers, and at the same time has augmented the focus areas pertinent to marketers and marketing departments. Website optimization, social media management, SEO, blog creation, email marketing, and online advertisement are all examples of prominent areas of responsibilities for most marketing departments.

 The Challenge of Data Management
As a consequence of these technological advancements and ‘new’ marketing channels, companies today have access to a wealth of data originating from various sources. Social monitoring tools have proliferated, enabling companies to listen to what is being said about their brands and services; tracking software provides valuable information about web site visitors and their online behavior; and online forms and landing pages capture valuable information about leads and prospects.

While rich customer data indeed are central to any successful marketing campaign, many companies inevitably face the challenge of data management: consolidating the abundance of existing customer data with the massive amounts of new information collected every second from multiple sources. This process often entails time consuming transfers of data between CRM systems, email marketing software, website tracking software, website and landing page forms, and social media sites. Consequently, marketing professionals often end up spending large amounts of time updating contact information in various spreadsheet-based lists and manually updating contact and account information in CRM systems.

 ClickDimensions For Microsoft Dynamics CRM
ClickDimensions, a marketing automation solution developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, brings a comprehensive suite of marketing tools directly into your company’s CRM thus eliminating the labor intensive process of transferring data between various applications, spreadsheets, and CRM records.

The features of ClickDimensions include a comprehensive email marketing package (including drip campaign management, split testing, OutlookCast, inbox preview, and spam rating), landing page tools, survey and form builder, website tracking, and lead scoring.

With ClickDimensions, everything takes place within CRM and all data captured through website tracking, email marketing, forms and social monitoring complement and update preexisting contact and account information or add new entries. As such, website visitors are linked to CRM records or automatically created in CRM as soon as a visitor identifies himself (e.g. registers for an event or downloads a document via a form). Accordingly, ClickDimensions allows you to track the result of any campaign (clicks, forms, website pages visited etc.) without ever having to leave CRM. And naturally, everything takes place in real time.

 Enhanced Collaboration
While many great and advanced marketing software solutions are on the market, what really sets ClickDimensions apart from most of its competitors it its native integration with Dynamics CRM. Not only does this integration eliminate mundane and time consuming marketing related tasks, it also enhances the workflow and collaboration between marketing and sales departments. For example, by utilizing the ‘Lead Scoring’ function in ClickDimensions (which rates leads based on their website activities) your company’s sales force can prioritize their sales efforts and optimize the time spent pursuing and generating new business. And as all campaign tracking information is readily available in CRM, sales reps can easily identify the most relevant leads to approach based on the contacts’ response patterns.

ClickDimensions grants your marketing and sales teams access to valuable information in real time while circumventing the need for manual data transfers and repetitive work processes, ultimately making your CRM system more dynamic and socially intelligent. Together, Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions are great tools for managing and efficiently utilizing the abundance of market and customer data available to the modern world’s marketing and sales professionals.

Written by: Jakob Bechgaard

 FMT Consultants, LLC - a Microsoft Dynamics CRM & GP Partner


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