Microsoft Buys MarketingPilot – Will Dynamics Change?

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On October 17, 2012 Microsoft announced that it had closed a deal with a marketing automation firm called MarketingPilot. This is an interesting purchase by Microsoft because it was made very quickly. They made a bid to buy the company just a day earlier.

MarketingPilot produces software that helps companies track customers, streamline operations, and automate many aspects of their marketing process. They focus on making it easier to test marketing strategies and adapt to measurable data as quickly as possible.

On the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community site, Microsoft explained that “This acquisition...will accelerate our ability to better meet the needs of CMO's (chief marketing officers) through rich business intelligence, [making it easier to] plan, execute, monitor, and optimize customer interactions [and ROI across all channels].”

Microsoft plans to share more about this during the Convergence conference coming up in May of 2013. The acquired company's current products are centered around managing leads, ad-buying, integrated marketing, and CRM.

Will this acquisition transform Dynamics from a CRM and ERP tool into an even more effective marketing tool as well? It's too soon at this point to know for sure, but it's clear Microsoft is working hard this year to keep up with changes in how businesses use technology.

Many of MarketingPilot's current products are already built on Microsoft platforms, both in-house and in the cloud. This may have played a part in the acquisition, and certainly means that the projects going forward should be easier to collaborate than they might have been with similar companies.

Dynamics is already widely used by marketers for its CRM capabilities. Examples include Volvo Construction Equipment Portland Trailblazers. This merger may help them appeal more directly to marketing professionals.

Source: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Steps Forward in the Marketing Automation Space

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