Integrate Microsoft CRM with any ERP package

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Businesses today are increasingly looking to integrate Microsoft CRM with their ERP package. The advantages of having such integration are numerous. Sales teams get a complete view of their customers' order status and invoices, finance teams do not have to duplicate or reconcile client contact data, and entire organizations can have one central view of client information. With built-in integration points to Microsoft Dynamics SL and Dynamics GP, Microsoft CRM clearly is a perfect fit for businesses using those ERP solutions.

 But what about businesses that use other ERP solutions? Can they integrate their accounting solution to Microsoft CRM? The answer is yes. Microsoft CRM comes with tools that allow for integration and deployment of plug-ins and custom workflows to add solution components to Microsoft CRM. That means that creating a link between Microsoft CRM and any non-Dynamics ERP system is possible. In many cases; those links already exist. For instance, businesses using Intacct can utilize an integration that has been written to Microsoft CRM that costs less than Intaccts’ own integration to Add in the fact that costs 2-3 times as much as Microsoft CRM, and it is easy to see that integrating Microsoft CRM and Intacct is far more economical.

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By Intellitec Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner based in Delaware

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