Empower Your "Road Warrior" Sales Team with CRM 2011 Mobile Express

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Does your sales team make sales calls to manufacturing, transportation  or other such locations that may not be well served by wifi or are considered to be "out in the sticks"?  Does your team tell you it's too much hassle to find a hotspot, boot up their laptops, connect and update CRM?  Does asking them to wait until lunch, or worse, the end of the day to record the notes of all of their visits sound like a bad practice?

You can solve all of these problems and more with Dynamics CRM Mobile Express!

There are many CRM mobile solutions and some require licensing, but I wanted to discuss the free, out-of-the-box Mobile Express component.

Smartphones are so prevalent in society today and they have evolved to become mini-computers in our hands. Also, I don’t know any businesspeople who don’t have a data plan, and a large part of the United States is now covered by 3G or 4G. Dynamics CRM mobile puts the CRM functionality in the device with which they are most familiar.

A key point here is that the CRM mobile form is not a “mini” form of what shows in Internet Explorer or Outlook.  Instead, it is a separate form configured for easy use on the smartphone complete with drop-down lists, date fields, look-up lists, etc.

Also, CRM now is capable of using the “voice entry” feature on the phones to put information into CRM! Typing on a phone keyboard can be a bit of a challenge so use this feature to win over salespersons who raise that as a hurdle to data entry.

There is a saying: “Your CRM system is only as good as the data you have in it.” The CRM Mobile Express functionality is a strong option for getting good data into CRM by providing your salespeople a way to enter information when it is the freshest in their mind, immediately after the sales call.

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by Customer Effective, Florida, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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