CRM Project Rules 101

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There are many things to think about when considering investing in a CRM solution. Our resident CRM expert, Chris Corbett, recently posted a video on the NexusTek YouTube channel that mapped out some key rules to consider and follow before deciding on or investing in a CRM system. Adhering to these few simple rules will go a long way toward ensuring a successful CRM project.

Rule #1: Have well defined requirements: Simply put, before deciding on a solution that is right for your company you must first determine what the system needs to do and how it need to do it. Researching, defining, and settling on key requirements at the beginning of the decision making process is a  factor critical to success.

Rule #2: Look at internal process: It is important to look at the processes your organization currently has in place and address any issues associated with them. Once you are ready to proceed, implementation of a CRM system should mirror the internal processes currently in place to avoid confusion among users.

Rule #3: Have an executive sponsor: An executive sponsor should be appointed to communicate the vision for the solution to the company and to promote its adoption. This individual needs to be responsible for keeping things in line as implementation continues and helping the organization transition into the new solution.

Rule #4: User adoption: The users of the system must be engaged early and often during the project, starting from the requirements gathering stage through post-implementation. Users must understand how the system is going to transform and improve operations in the organization. The earlier users can be engaged the more successful your implementation will be.

By following these simple rules, your organization will have a greater chance of realizing a successful implementation.

To learn more about these rules, or to contact NexusTek, please watch the video, visit our website , or call 303.773.6464.

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by Nezus Tek, Colorado Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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