Becoming a Dynamic Sales Organization with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential element of a successful, integrated sales strategy.  And the right CRM application can make the difference between profit and loss, or success and failure in any market.

Today there are key market trends like ‘Mobile’, ‘Social’, ‘Cloud’, and ‘Big Data’ that are affecting sales and marketing and the traditional way organizations have sold in the past.  These trends introduce a massive evolution in sales strategy and are forcing organizations to rethink the role of sales and marketing, and to look for opportunities to harness these new capabilities for competitive advantage.

 4 key traits that make up a dynamic sales organization:

 1)       Highly Productive

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can access prospect and customer data directly from within Outlook which helps salespeople focus their time on selling, rather than hunting for information and doing busywork. 
  • With a click of a button convert emails into leads or opportunities and quickly add them to the sales pipeline. 
  • Track email communication, schedule meeting and tasks with customer or prospects without leaving Outlook.  Because it works in Outlook, the ramp up is fast, training costs are low, and adoption is high.

 2)       Prepared & Insightful

  • Powerful dashboards and reports are presented in real time
  • Inline analytics give actionable insight into the information that’s most relevant for each salesperson.
  • Personal Dashboards can be created and shared across teams to better manage performance, spot new revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiency.

 3)       Collaborative & Connected

  • Microsoft Lync provides a powerful and simple way to interact with colleagues, partners, and contacts with one click.
  • Phone, Email, Instant Messaging, or Web Conferencing, Lync provides an easy way to work together and stay connected.
  • SharePoint provides rich document management capabilities so you can create, share, and store documents that facilitate collaboration in the selling process.

 4)       Quick & Mobile

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides salespeople with quick and instant access to CRM information from anywhere and from any device.
  • Microsoft’s continued investments in mobility will bring new capabilities to CRM and empower salespeople with information and the ability to act on the spot wherever they are.

 AbleBridge has helped many sales organizations marry process with technology using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We’re passionate about helping organizations simplify their sales operations and giving them the visibility they need to become top performing sales organizations. 

Feel free to contact AbleBridge to learn more or request additional information.

by AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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