Are You Using Your CRM System the Right Way? Microsoft Dynamics CRM Vs. Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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Many organizations thinking about the implementation of a CRM system fail to identify the true purpose of the product and define requirements that are geared towards making CRM a financial tool. While CRM definitely  provides strong reporting in terms of forecasting and understanding the health of a company’s revenue, it should not be considered a financial reporting tool, which is one of the functions that an ERP system provides effectively.

Because of this, I think is important to differentiate what a CRM system can do vs what an ERP system does.

Customer Relationship Management:

  •  Manages the relationship with your customers (Contacts, offerings, Service & Support)
  • Provides Sales team with a clear vision of their performance
  •  Provides marketing with the tools to design effective campaigns
  • Forecasts!

ERP Financial System:

  • Manages all the financial data associated with the operations of your organization
  • Provides a clear vision of the company's performance
  • Provides access to historical data for analysis
  • Forecasts

What  is the best strategy? Integrate the two systems so data is synchronized and accessible across platforms when needed. Make sure to leave the proper data within the proper system in order to get the most out of it. Take advantage of the reporting tools CRM provides via dashboards and also view the many SSRS reports available in your Dynamics ERP solution. Doing so will provide the information you need for the people that need it from the system that handles it best.

Adolfo Ramirez, CRM Practice Lead, InterDyn AKA, New York Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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