Why a Simple CRM Software Deployment Is More Important Than Fancy Features

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CRM software has been constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses around the world, and that will continue. When selecting software, companies often look for the most feature-rich applications, but that may not be the best approach. The secret to a successful CRM system, says Forbes.com, is clean, simple implementation.

Imagine you just got a new cable or satellite installation in your house. The sales person convinced you to get the deluxe package with all of the movie channels, sports channels, and just about everything else. The package is the biggest and best, and you simply could not resist it. But after a few weeks, you start to realize that you probably only watch 10 percent of the shows. In fact, you only wanted service so you could watch the cooking channels. The rest goes to waste. Such is the case with many CRM deployments.

Far too often, companies spend big money to get the big features and fancy interfaces that come with expensive CRM software, but what they really need are simple reports. Actually, the people who make decisions for the company may not even want anything else. They want the end result, the reports that show how well the business is doing. They do not care about shiny buttons on a slick interface. And the people who work for these executives are more concerned about software that is easy to use and makes their jobs easier than they are about extra features.

The successful CRM implementation is one in which the company has decided it needs certain tasks accomplished, and the CRM software is configured to accomplish those goals.

By PDG Consultants,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in New Jersey


1 thought on “Why a Simple CRM Software Deployment Is More Important Than Fancy Features”

  1. Thanks for relaying this article. Without a doubt the biggest deterrent, and the number #1 reason CRM systems are being used is because using one is like opening a can of worms with no end in sight. So many features that you'll never use or be able to train to use, it's all pointless.

    If you want the benefits of CRM, the software makers HAVE to make their software simple. It's not an implementation problem, it's a design problem.

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