Staying Relevant with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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All too often, businesses adopt a new technology, assuming this will improve business even if they don't take advantage of the new tools. Few things change faster than the state of the tech industry, and businesses that want to stay relevant need to stay ahead, rather than play catch-up.

Few things are revolutionizing the way we do business like the CRM breakthrough. This makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM one of the most important platforms on the market. How can you stay relevant on this evolving platform? According to this article in the Redmond Channel Magazine, innovation is the key.

The Emergence of XRM

Not long after the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, many industries started to move away from then popular software like Siebel. In the process, they discovered that the software could be used to tackle an incredibly diverse range of problems, even those that actually had nothing to do directly with customers. It could handle relationships of all kinds, including with vendors, partners, employees, and asserts.

The bird's-eye view this type of software brings to the table allows you to restructure your business from the ground up, fitting every piece together into a unified whole.

The Web Meets CRM

The power of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is its ability to combine the technologies of CRM software with Microsoft's vast presence on the web. This eliminates all kinds of accessibility issues, so that data can be accessed anywhere and freelancers can be easily brought on board.

Web interfaces also make it possible for businesses to monitor and respond to activity on the web as it happens in ways that simply aren't possible otherwise. The data available now puts the consumer surveys and test audiences of the past to shame.

Social Integration

Applications like Neudesic Pulse breathe social life into the Microsoft Dynamics environment. This allows businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure in new ways, interacting with and learning from interactions taking place on social networks, both external and internal. This helps boost not only consumer but employee engagement, improving long term business prospects.

By PDG Consultants,  Microsoft Dynamics New Jersey CRM Partner 

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