Mix in Social Media with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Stronger Relationships

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Companies are being pressured to keep their relationships strong by adding a social media mix to their marketing and sales efforts, but they should also realize social doesn’t end at your customer. Social media in the workplace can create a lot of benefits not many are aware of.

Social media connected with your CRM software can bring together the sales, marketing, and customer service departments. When these three areas work together, it’s creates a great concoction of customer satisfaction and more effective lead generation. Here are a few examples of when it especially comes in handy:

Let’s say your sales representative is working on converting an event attendee into an opportunity, but he/she didn’t attend the event and doesn’t have a good handle about what the attendee may have learned or taken away. The sales rep can quickly video chat with the marketing rep to see whether there are offers or if attendees received important information that he/she can mention. This creates a streamlined sales call for the rep and increases the chances of success.

Let’s say the marketing manager is making plans for the next year, but needs input from a few of the sales reps to get a good handle on what’s working for them and what isn’t. The manager can do some research in CRM to see what type of leads generated from certain sources. They can also IM or message a few sales reps to get their anecdotal feedback that’s valuable to creating an effective marketing plan.

Connecting social media with your CRM is definitely a way to stay connected with your customers, but it’s also another way to enhance relationships in the office. Take advantage of the technology we have available today to make your job as productive as possible and contact Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner (http://www.rimrock.com/), for more information about Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and how this advanced solution can help.

By Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner out of Toronto

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