Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Broadlook = The Perfect Match (Part 2)

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In our earlier blog we wrote about Broadlook’s phenomenal Contact Capture tool. Now I’d like to tell you about Broadlook’s Profiler tool which I think is  even cooler than Contact Capture.  Broadlook’s Profiler will  mine data  information for you from the internet so you can ensure you have accurate company and contact information for your leads.  This tool  compares company and contact information found online with your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads, contacts, and accounts records and then scores each record giving  you the right data, on demand with just a couple of clicks. 

 This eliminates all of the hunting, pecking, the manual surfing of the internet - scouring through prospects websites and social networking sites for information. Automating this research, internally at the TM Group has greatly increased the productivity and efficiency of our sales and marketing teams!  The leads that we have generated are definitely of a higher quality and value. Having the correct information on companies and their people is the backbone to a stronger lead database.







If you would like to learn more about how Broadlook’s Profiler can instill confidence in your CRM data, easily offer massive research power, and allow you to better target-market your leads, please contact The TM Group at or today for more details.  You can also check out Broadlook’s Profiler Video at:

by The TM Group, Michigan Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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