Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Feeds FAQs

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As promised in my last blog post discussing social CRM implementation tips, I would now like to take a closer look at the Activity Feeds feature offered in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  This feature is extremely helpful when it comes to fostering communication and collaboration among Dynamics CRM users. Just like the popular social networking sites, each person's page becomes a forum for conversations as well as news about all the records they work with. Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have about Activity Feeds in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

 Q: How do I know if I need Activity Feeds?

A: If people in your organization often work in teams or on tight deadlines, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011’s Activity Feeds can help them keep in touch with each other, and up to date on changes that are made to any of the records they are working on. Once installed, Activity Feeds are integrated directly into the work area. Users don't have to click away to send messages or alert colleagues about new developments.  The records they edit automatically alert the people who care most when something has changed.

 Q: How is information shared between Activity Feeds users?

A: Each user gets their own page full of posts and comments that can be accessed through a link called "What's New?" located at the top of the Navigation Pane, on the left side of the screen, when they sign in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By default, Activity Feeds will show status updates related to a dozen entity categories, including accounts, leads, opportunities, and appointments.  But, there’s no need to worry if these don’t quite fit your needs; they can easily be changed.

When a change is made that affects one of the entities you follow in your Activity Feed, Dynamics CRM will automatically send out a message alerting you to that change.  For example, if one of your sales leads gets converted to an opportunity, that information will be included in your feed.

In addition to these automatic messages, users have the option to create and share their own custom messages.  Similar to the social media sites we’re all familiar with, any message a user sends out through their Dynamics CRM 2011 Activity Feed will be visible to everyone who follows them.

 Q: How do I set up and configure Activity Feeds?

A: That depends, if you're a brand-new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 user, Activity Feeds is installed and configured by default.  But, if you started using Dynamics CRM before October 2011, Activity Feeds must be downloaded and configured by a system administrator before it is ready for use.


Still have questions? Contact us or take a look at this introduction to Activity Feeds.

By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a NC Dynamics CRM partner.

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  1. Thanks for this introductory post, Laura. I was wondering if you had figured out a way to make the wall update dynamically without having to manually refresh the page in the browser?

    Thanks in advance.

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