Excited for eXtreme CRM? I am!

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This will be my second year attending eXtreme CRM, and I’m looking forward to it with the enthusiasm I once had for Convergence.  Unlike WPC, I like events that are focused on a single product technology like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so that I don’t have to wade through stuff I’m not interested in.

 Besides the CRM focus, here are the top reasons I love this event:

  • Hosted by outsiders: John Verdon and crew do not have to answer to the Microsoft Marketing Machine.  They only put in content that the real world wants.
  • Rockton Product Launch: Rockton is announcing a new product offering in the CRM space this event.  The Exhibitor and Sponsor count has tripled since last year, and this clearly is THE place for ISVs to exchange information and product offerings.
  • Networking: The experts are all here.  I met a couple of people last year who saved me countless hours of frustration because they gave me practical, trustworthy advice.  I hope to see them again and offer a token six-pack in appreciation.
  • Meeting Microsoft Executives: I get to meet face-to-face with those who control the destiny of CRM and hopefully influence them.  Look out Doug Wood!
  • Learning: CRM is an incredible foundation to build on, but there’s a lot for me to learn, even after four years of experience with the product.  At this event, you meet real people who have solved real problems with CRM, and who will be candid about how to make it work the way you need it to.

 Why are you excited for eXtreme CRM?

 Written By Mark Rockwell, President for Rockton Software.


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