New CRM Software Certificate Program at the University of Washington features Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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The University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education will be launching a new CRM Certificate program this fall. The program was developed by an advisory board consisting of industry leaders and professionals in conjunction with Professional & Continuing Education program staff. While the program is meant to be somewhat vendor agnostic, it does use Microsoft Dynamics as the paradigmatic platform in order for students to gain hands-on experience in building a business case for a CRM solution and effectively using analytic reporting and business intelligence techniques to manage the quality of customer data. Other vendors will be discussed as well, although we will go into more depth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The program is practical in its approach, consists of 3 quarters and meets one evening per week for 9 months. It provides students with a background in planning, architecture, implementation, and deployment solutions.

While there is a classroom version of the program located in Bellevue, Washington, there is also an online section which allows students from other locations to participate. The online methodology is not a series of static pages or just watching video, but rather online students participate live by hearing what’s happening in the classroom and interacting with the instructor through chat to ask questions.

For more information about the program, please visit the University of Washington Certificate in Customer Relationship Management program website

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