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The November Service Update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 brought us dialogue capabilities.  Dialogues are a new and efficient way to assist CRM users in data entry.  Not only is the entire process customizable but it can help managers ensure that they are getting accurate and helpful information.  What might you use it for, you ask?  In the past, we’ve blogged how to Score New Leads Using CRM 2011 Dialogs, easing the transition of new leads from Marketing to Sales.  This is just one of many examples.

 Regardless of the specific business process you are trying to automate, an inherent benefit not to be overlooked is the ability to collect information from your CRM users in a consistent manner.   By utilizing all of the capabilities within the Dialogues functionality, you ensure information is captured consistently and can prompt the users to enter it accurately.


  • Prompt and Response – Only ask questions that the user needs to fill out for that specific situation
  • Hints – Give the user an idea of what you are looking for before they enter the information
  • Updating records – Pick and choose what information will be placed into the CRM form


Another benefit to dialogues is the ability to trigger other processes once the data is entered.  Perhaps you need to send an email to alert someone that a new record is waiting for them.  Perhaps you’ll add a person to a nurture workflow based on his/her response score in the dialogue.


Functionality has always been and will always be important for software adoption.  Properly using dialogues can provide users a platform to enter relevant information in a timely manner, making your job and theirs easier.  As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Gold Partner we have helped hundreds of customers successfully implement CRM and CRM enhancements for their organizations. You can read about their CRM customer success stories on our website.


By Ledgeview Partners – Wisconsin based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving the Midwest and Heartland regions

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