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We spent some time with the Microsoft Insurance Vertical team and discussed some of the top technology trends in insurance and how Microsoft CRM (along with Customer Effective: Insurance) helps provide solutions. The following is 1 of 5 from the Top 5 Tecnology Trends list is from the Microsoft TechNet Vertical Blog. The solutions are from Customer Effective: Insurance.

  • Mobility: Sales and Service in Motion. Producers and carriers are both looking for ways to take advantage of the proliferation of mobile communications. Field personnel often carry multiple mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets) and will expect to use the most convenient device for a particular task. Smart phones are great for appointment, task, and contact synching with CRM. Laptops are great for more complex interaction with CRM (reporting, using BI tools, etc.). AtCustomer Effective, we have developed insurance applications for that middle place. Tablets are typically quick to start and can record relationship interactions that may be too complex for a smart phone experience. We have a Call Report application that can run on most any tablet (HTML5) and is directly connected to Microsoft CRM. It is not meant to replicate full blown Microsoft CRM. This is a discreet application for a common but import task in the day in life of insurance field personnel.


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2. Data, Data, Data - Business Insights for the Masses.
3. Multi-Channel Experience - Advisory Services for Growth.
4. Social Media - Digital Marketing to Build Brand Presence
5. Simplification - Operations System Integration/Consolidation


Post by: Brad Koontz, Customer Effective

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