CRM for Banking and Customer Retention

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In these challenging times, banks are faced with the need to strengthen their customer relationships and improve operational efficiencies. By gaining insight into customers’ profiles and behaviors and being able to share that data across the organization, banks are able to turn that customer insight into customer retention and with that the opportunities to better serve them.

In times of economic uncertainty, customer retention becomes increasingly important. Trusted relationships with your existing customers are the backbone of what sets you apart from your competition.

A CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you what you need to track and manage customer relationships and the opportunities to better serve them. Microsoft highlights the following features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that help banks retain customers:

  • Consolidated Customer Data Provides 360 degree View ― Deploy more effective, targeted sales and marketing efforts to grow and retain your base of loyal, profitable clients
  • Analysis Tools Deliver Segmentation And Customer Preferences ― Allows you to identify your most profitable customers so you can implement effective retention strategies
  • Sales And Marketing Tools Identify Unmet Needs And Up-sell/Cross-sell Opportunities ― Determine service-oriented ways to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Streamlines Cross-organization Collaboration Increasing Customer Service Delivery ― Uncover and proactively respond to unfilled customer needs, especially those hidden across branches, channels, or other touch-points
  • Improves Call Center Interaction And Service Processes, ultimately improving customer satisfaction ― Share customer service histories and provide convenient incident tracking and follow-up tools across call centers to help improve the quality and consistency of your service delivery

The key to retaining profitable customers is knowing them—their deposits, behaviors, needs, and interaction preferences. Without being able to consolidate this valuable customer information, it’s hard to get a 360° view of your best customers so you know how to best serve them.

Contact Magenium Solutions to learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help to retain your best customers, reduce risk, and improve effectiveness. We have proven expertise in helping financial institutions implement CRM to maximize the value of their existing client relationships and drive customer retention.

By Magenium Solutions, a Microsoft certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner in Chicago, IL. Follow us on Twitter or Connect on Facebook.


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