CRM and SharePoint Working Together to Manage Your Information

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Using the built-in integration of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and SharePoint Server document management can be a cinch.  With a little planning you can better manage documents associated with your customer relationship management (CRM) records.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful way to streamline marketing efforts, generate sales, and deliver unsurpassed customer service.  Add SharePoint Server to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and you have even more control over the documents you use to meet sales goals.  With SharePoint, you can easily manage the lifecycle of the documents you create for your customers and marketing efforts.

You can store all of your important documents in SharePoint to streamline the approval process and make it easier for your team to share and use customer- and sales-related documents.  Your team can create and collaborate on a document, such as a proposal or marketing brochure, without having to generate endless emails and countless versions of the same document.  Each colleague can check out the document from SharePoint, like a library book, make edits and comments, and check the document back into SharePoint for the next person to review.  Once a document is finalized, your team can use it for other customers or related projects, and be assured that it is the most current, approved version of that document.

You don’t want your team using old documents, offering retired promotions, or sending out last year’s catalogs to customers.  Once a document becomes obsolete, you can choose how to dispose of or archive it.  Keeping the most relevant and current documents in SharePoint will enable your team to find the appropriate, timely documents for customers.  Your team can also access SharePoint documents from their web-enabled devices.  Quickly locate and share the appropriate, current document for your customers when they ask for it, whether you are in the office or on the road.

When your team generates many documents for customers and marketing purposes, it can quickly get confusing as to which is the most current document and whether it has been approved by management.  Adding SharePoint Server document manager to Microsoft Dynamics CRM will streamline document creation and approval, as well as help your team find and share the right documents with customers.  Contact Socius for more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint Server, and how this powerful software duo works so well together.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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