Cool Tip For Microsoft CRM Dynamics Activity Feeds

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The release of Activity Feeds in late 2011 marked the first true introduction of powerful social networking capabilities into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Activity Feeds let users see a stream of real-time updates to users, Account records, Leads, and other entities. It’s a great way to get a quick feel for what’s going on in the network of Dynamics CRM records and users that you care about.

Microsoft CRM users can access Activity Feeds through the “What’s New” label under Workspace. There’s a neat, simple trick we came across that lets users focus exclusively on these Facebook-like status items without having to bring up the rest of the software. This will only work in the online version, where you use a browser to access Dynamics CRM.

After you click on What’s New to display Activity Feeds, move your cursor to the expansion icon next to the page heading. If you click on it, Activity Feeds will then pop-up in a separate, window. You can close down the original browser tab containing Dynamics CRM to leave just the Feeds window.

Now you have a single browser window from which to monitor status activity. If you capture this URL and bookmark it, you can launch just Activity Feeds next time around.  This is a cool shortcut that makes great sense for on-the-go sales and marketing staff who need a quick snapshot of CRM activity that's relevant to them.


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by MIG & Co., New York Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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