Why CRM? My CRM.

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CRM has come a long way since its youthful start in version 1.0. Improvements continue to be added to make CRM work the way you do each and every day.

 Now that Microsoft has committed to twice yearly updates with even more functionality planned on the roadmap, it's tempting to watch and wait for the next greatest thing to be released.   With that great news, you might be a bit disappointed with the latest news from Microsoft that Q2 2012 Service Update has schedule shifts into Q4 for some of this functionality.   Don't let this discourage you.  Instead of focusing on what functionality is yet to come, remember back to the reasons why you chose your CRM in the first place. 

 Save Time.  Save Money.  

Customer Relationship Management allows you to harness the power of marketing, sales and customer service in one place.  Imagine a central hub for synchronizing all systems (email, calendar, documents, order process) and all departments on one platform.  Each department has a dashboard of precisely the information that it needs to be efficient. 

  • It allows marketing to target campaigns efficiently and measure the customer’s satisfaction to make adjustments for next time. 
  • The sales team can effectively hunt for new prospects, acquire new sales, and grow existing business. 
  • Customer service can provide frequent customer updates and faster service. 

From one central view – the customer’s view – you are all working, sharing information, and focusing on the right activities for each individual customer.

 Less Customer Churn.  More Customer Retention.

When you optimize systems across departments, a magical thing happens.  Synergistic approaches combine the power of all departments so that you can deliver differentiated services and customer-centric approaches that are targeted to your customers.  Service excellence drives deeper relationships, which positively changes sales and boosts retention.  Bottom line?  When you work together within, you’ll have more time to focus externally on your customers.

 Daily, Not Monthly.

Gone are the days of pulling down multiple reports from different departments and cutting and pasting them together.  With CRM, imagine automatically being presented with easy-to-understand charts and graphs that provide real-time sales data from different departments.  Rather than weekly or monthly reports, you can see what is in the pipeline on a daily basis in real-time.   It is management made easy. 

 Happy Employees = Sales Force Retention

When time-saving efficiencies are in place with CRM, you see the direct results in your sales and bottom line.  But you also gain an intangible benefit in creating a happier work environment.  And happy employees are employees who stay. 

 I hope that you have enjoyed these little tidbits from someone in the business with you.  As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Gold Partner, we not only help hundreds of customers like you successfully implement CRM for their organizations, we are users too.   We appreciate its functionality and anticipate more improvements in the next release.  In the meantime, we’ll enjoy our CRM working the way we do, each and every day. 


By Ledgeview Partners – Wisconsin based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving the Midwest and Heartland regions

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  1. First thing is that it enhance customer relationship, secondly streamline the business products and the third thing is that it provides an cost effective solutions for the business.

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