Which Version of Microsoft CRM is Best Suited for You: On-premise or Online?

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For some time now, Microsoft has been adding functionality to Microsoft CRM Online. These enhancements support greater organizational complexity – more users, departments, countries, and lines of business. These changes also offer raw technological enhancements, including easier data migration, integration, customization, and application enhancements.

But while “Cloud CRM” solutions like Microsoft CRM Online can meet the needs of most businesses, organizations with complex requirements might be best served by using the traditional, on-premise Microsoft CRM software.

Which type of CRM software is best suited to your organization’s requirements? As demonstrated in the chart below, most organizations can be best served by using Microsoft CRM Online, even when they have relatively complex technical or functional requirements. Organizations with CRM projects at technical and/or organizational extremes, however, may be best served using traditional, on-premise Microsoft CRM.

Microsoft CRM Online vs. On-Premise

Before answering the “online versus on-premise” question for your organization, you should first determine how complex your needs are. To do so, consider the following:

1. Users: How many individuals in your organization will need access?

2. Scope: Will Microsoft CRM be used by one department, or companywide?

3. Structure: Does your current business process map well to “out of the box” functionality, or will you need to customize the solution?

4. Data: How much data will be migrated from legacy systems?

5. Integration: Will Microsoft CRM need to work with other 3rd party applications?

The more complex the answers are to those 5 points, the more likely it is that an on-premise installation makes more sense for your group. To learn what version of Microsoft CRM is best suited for you, contact Intellitec Solutions at 866-504-4357.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Delaware

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